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RX Brightening Pads

The RX Brightening Pads by Face Lounge Skincare are highly effective in brightening & evening out complexion and skin tone. These RX pads use ingredients like bearberry, licorice, milk thistle, and green tea to gently exfoliate and majorly brighten the skin. This unique blend of ingredients is specially formulated to target pigmentation and restore radiance to the skin. This product is specially mixed upon order so that it arrives freshly made at your door. It also has the option to add Hydroquinone for additional lightening or for extra assistance with lightening of melasma.

60 Pads

RX Brightening Pads

  • RX Brightening Pads are the ultimate when it comes to brightening and lightening the skin. This product contains 60 pads to use that are freshly combined upon order so that they arrive fresh at your door. Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, and Vitamin C are the heavy hitters in this product for the ultimate lightening and brightening of pigmentation from sun damage or melasma. 2% Hydroquinone may also be added to this product for further assistance in lightening pigment and melasma.

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