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Satin Finish Hyaluronic Primer

Satin Finish Hyaluronic Primer by Face Lounge Skincare is a potent formula used to replenish depleted Hyaluronic Acid within the skin to maintain smooth, plump, and hydrated skin. This softening moisturizer is packed with 7 forms of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid used to intensely hydrate the skin and reduce water loss from the surface layer. Clinical studies have shown this moisturizer increases hydration levels in the skin up to 110% after the first hour of use. Antioxidants present in the HA Ultra Plus, such as Apple Fruit extract possess antioxidant activity to assist in protection from free radical damage and environmental factors. 

1.8 oz  |  51 g

Satin Finish Hyaluronic Primer

  • Light-weight formula that is clinically proven to increases hydration in the skin by 110%. Hydration for this product is long lasting and provides vast improvement with skin tone and the appearance of wrinkles. Includes antioxidants to help fight environmental factors and photo-aging skin.